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Repayment Plans for Goal Financial

For current Goal Financial Federal Consolidation Loan Customers, the following repayment options are available to match your unique financial lifestyle. If your situation changes and you would like to switch your current payment plan, please contact the loan servicer for your account for more information.

Level or Standard Repayment Plan: Your monthly payment remains the same for the life of your loan.

Graduated repayment:* Your monthly payments can start out as an interest only payment for the first third of the term of the loan. The remaining two-thirds of the term of the loan will be a payment that combines both principal and interest.

As another option, your payments can start out low and increase every two years over the life of the loan. This allows you to start with a manageable payment that increases slowly as your earning power increases.

Extended repayment: If you have a combined outstanding balance on your eligible loans that is greater than $30,000, you have the option of repaying your Consolidation loan over a maximum 25-year period under a level or graduated repayment schedule.

Income Sensitive Plan: Your monthly payment can be as low as an interest only payment. You will be required to provide income information to qualify.

*payment plan is dependent upon the servicer


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